Brian Randolph

I'm an artist and writer based in North Carolina.  My work is primarily focused on drawing people out of the sheer love of the human form mixed with a curiosity of how people live in their bodies, how their essence can be captured through their body language and gestures, their expressions, and an interest in the wide array of how the body can exist.

I also have an interest in investigating a more honest look into the lives of those stricken with medical trauma, visible and invisible, no matter how raw or painful it may be. My own body has deeply carved scars of life-changing (and saving) surgeries from my childhood, and my mind has had to reckon with PTSD as a result, so I want to express and understand how others with or without trauma exist in their bodies and in their hearts.

And bodies are just fun to draw.

Professionally, I've been trained in literary writing and fine/graphic art from my time at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, obtaining a B.F.A. in Creative Writing, a Certificate in Publishing, and a minor in English in 2016, followed by a B.A. in Studio Art in 2018. My graphic design work has been used while interning for Art in Bloom Gallery and N2 Publishing, and by UNCW in my time in graphic design classes. 

Iā€™m on twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitch, and Youtube, with links in the icons on the bottom of the page.